Big Dog Adventures

COPPEr Canyon Mexico

Story and Webpage produced by Mark Sampson

This trip is so much more than just copper canyon. You will see how we traveled across Mexico to the copper canyon area and all the fun we had en-route. Many things happened to us and the adventures we experienced are the best me and Kenny Gibbons have ever had. Other documentations of travel in Mexico really didn't really explore the culture and life of the remote Mexican backcountry like you are about to read about. It's motocycle adventure travel allright---with a lot more thrown in !! We spent nine days in Mexico and everyday was as good as possible. We had a few problems but over came all of them with a smile on our faces--it was just part of the adventure. We can't wait to go back !!!!! "Hasta Luego"----(See You Soon)

Day One Border Crossing--South to Carmaga, Jiminez, West to Parral, and Balleza----our first encounter with automatic weapons.

Day Two Balleza to Batopilas ----now we find out why people are making the adventure to the canyons of Mexico.

Day Three Batopilas to Urique---thru a remote route that many warn not to travel----in the last months alone--some have failed--some have had lots of trouble--and some have been out there lost late at night--a very bad thing--one group, trying to climb the extremely deep mountains out of Batopilas have just turned back. More automatic weapons !!!!

Day Four Urique, Cerocahui, Bauchivo, and Temoris .

Day Five Temoris thru Chinipas--crossing the Chinipas river, then over the Sierra Madre and on to Alamos.

Day Six Alamos to Yecora riding across the remote Senora desert

Day Seven Yecora all the way to Creel riding to Basaseachic falls---an 800 ft. waterfall.

Day Eight We stayed in Creel all day and kind of kicked back with a short jaunt to Divisidero.

Day Nine We make a run for the border---Creel to Ojinaga at the border----with a stop at Pesqui Canyon

Day Ten Big Bend National Park