Video And GPS Data
There is no god awful music on my videos that sounds like some young boys whose faces
look like they fell in Grandpa's tackle box and just started banging on instuments
that their rich daddy bought them--my pet peeve---sorry !!!
These video's are excellent but have a home video feel to them.

I apologize---but I do not have time to teach you how to use the gps files with a DVD purchase.
You will either have to know this----or be able to learn it on your own.


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Colorado/Utah Backcountry Discovery Route/2013
About 3,000 Miles on the BDR routes.
gps file included.

Mobius 11---The Latest---$35
2,500 Miles in the Desert Southwest. This ride goes to so many places in the desert including, Death Valley
and the Turaweep overlook on the North rim of the Grand Canyon.
With a helicopter ride to the hospital for one of our riders.
Story on my website and gps file included.


Mobius10 The Movie--$35
2,700 miles of backroads thru Wyoming, Idhao, Montana and Idaho.
All done with the Mobius riders.
GPS file included.

BigDog and Dingweeds---Do Colorado, Utah and New Mexico 2012 $30
This one hour and 40 minute video includes some awesome riding in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.
Some of the toughest riding I've ever done is on this video----it was a 13 day ride.
GPS file included


The New Tennesee Trans America Trail $30
This 52 minute video covers all of the terrain of the all new 2012
Tennessee Trans America Trail with plenty of trail tips along the way.
GPS file not included.


Alaska $30
Not just Alaska---all the way up thru British Columbia and the Yukon.
Not on the highway---on mostly dirt.
Included full gps file of whole trip.

Mexico To Canada $30
This DVD covers from Mexico to Canada and includes the gps file.
This is not the traditional Continental Divide Trail most ride.
This is a much more exciting and more difficult ride that runs thru Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Oregon and Idaho.

West Of The Divide/BigDog And Son $25
The story of this ride is on my website---the first big ride
with my son in years.
GPS track logs included.

Vintage Trans Am Trail Ride----$25
This ride was organized by a good friend of mine Vance Hunter---alias (Vinnie The Snake).
I filmed and produced this DVD film as they rode their Vintage Yamaha 2-stroke Motorcycles from the Atlantic ocean
and then connected up with the Eastern portion of Sam Correro's Eastern TAT.
Several blown motors and nightly rebuilds took these guys half way across the country---and I followed in a cloud of blue smoke !!!
It is hilarious with impromtu visits from "SlingBlade" and the "Tennesse Redneck".
No gps file provided.

Shadow Of The Rockies/Colorado Portion----$25
GPS file included for all riding except Sam Corerro's Colorado portion of this ride.
You much purchase his maps HERE for that portion.
This ride encompassed Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.
The full details of this ride are best viewed going thru my Shadow Of The Rockies/Colorado ride report.


Swinging Bridges Ride---or Rivers Of Doom $20
Gps file included.
This is an hour long DVD of a ride me and 3 friends did in Missouir after a very bad storm and tornado passed thru--we crossed about 40 creeks and rivers
in which we used no common sense at all---it's hilarious. We also crossed several historic "swinging" or suspension bridges.


Poncho and Lefty $30
gps file included
A 2,000 mile adventure ride thru New Mexico and Arizona--details below.

Missouri Mill Tour $25
gps file included
Details Below

The Long Way Up $30
My first attempt at the Tour Of Idaho--an epic offroad ride
touted as the toughest long distance offroad ride in North America
gps file included
Details Below

Trans Wisconsin America Trail $25
GPS file included free
Details Below

Shadow Of The Rockies Trail $25
With Bonus Footage Of The
Swinging Bridges Ride Enroute

GPS File not included
Details Below

Barrances Del Cobre $30
Gps file included free
Details Below


Pacific Northwest DVD video $30
Includes free GPS file
Details Below

Baja 2007 DVD video $20
Includes free GPS file
Details Below



Poncho And Lefty
This is a video of a 1,700 mile adventure ride thru Southern New Mexico and Arizona.
I did this ride on my 2008 WR250R---a bike which has just amazed me. It encompassed a lot of
beautiful desert scenery----some of it along the Mexican border. Some amazing things were visited and
accomplished on this ride. It was epic and was lucky to be done in the month of January.


Missouri Mill Tour
This adventure ride holds a lot of things for the adventure rider. Although you'll see some
beautiful Missouri country side and a lot of old grist mills on the video-----you'll receive a gps file with
all the waypoints of the neatest stuff I've found in Missouri from over 25 years of exploring.
These will include all the grist mills, a bunch of springs (big and small), old bridges, river fords, bluffs,
caves, nasty places, gas, neat hangouts, cafe's and many more just plain neat stuff !!!!


The Long Way Up

Join me as you ride along with me on a 1,300 miles dirt road and trail up thru the
mountains, basins and trails of Idaho. This route runs from the Idaho border all the
way to the Canada border. I rode it on my Husqvarna TE610. It is my best work yet as
I guarantee you'll love it.


Trans Wisconsin America Trail
This video chronicles an adventure bike ride I took alone in June, 2008.
It started at the border of Wisconsin and Illinois---and ended at a bluff overlooking
Lake Superior. Pretty interesting as there was some nasty weather going on and I forged
ahead on some really wet terrain and rode a lot of ATV and snowmoblile trails.
It also includes footage of the results of a spillway disaster on Lake Delton, Wisconsin
which was shown on national TV. It is about 1 hour and 20 minutes long.

Shadow Of The Rockies Trail
W/Swinging Bridges Ride Enroute
This Video is primarily the entire 700 mile New Mexico portion of
"The Shadow Of The Rockies"
trail laid out by Sam Corerro....creator of the Trans America Trail.
You will see all the great views of the ride with in helmet narration.
A lot of info you'll will need to know will be learned from watching the video
if you think you might want to tackle this scenic and wonderful ride.
In route the 2 riders travel thru Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado
with some great video segments of the "Swinging Bridges" ride in Missouri
which they did on the way. The Swinging Bridges ride was a scenic ride on
the unpaved backroads of Missouri which takes you across many old suspension bridges
built in 1910 by the famed Andrew Dice. These bridges are relics--and it won't be
long before they are all gone---we rode over them all.



Barrances Del Cobre
Copper canyon and more 2008

This video is for anyone wanting to view a Mexico adventure first hand. This video has
narration thru-out and goes thru most of the popular places such as Batopilas, Urique
and Creel around the copper canyonarea as well as lots more not so common places.

It even has a good clip of me and by buddy preparing our bikes in my shop
and narration while riding of what paperwork you need to do to travel in Mexico.
You will enjoy this even if you've been there---and for the first time rider the info
provided will be priceless.



The Pacific Northwest
Little Dog Gets Off The Porch $30

This is the ride featured in the July, 2008 issue of
American Motorcyclists Magazine

This is a 4,500 mile ride thru the Pacific Northwest encompassing 15 days of riding
and including the states of Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho,
Washington, Oregon and Nevada. 3 riders start only 2 finish (not counting little dog).
2 riders on 950 KTM's and one on a 2005 BMW 1200GS. The video is just over 2 hrs. long and is my
best yet. Almost all the riding was done on dirt roads.
We rode thru so many places and stayed in some really old out of the way places.
The higlights were Idaho and 2 days in the Hell's canyon area of Washington.
We took the big bikes where they shouldn't have gone--snow was in view everyday.
One trail I'm not sure I would have made it unscathed on my 520EXC.
My little buddy little dog will entertain you throughout the video. A lot of the antics
of little dog that you have seen pictures of on my website were caught on video.



Baja 2007 $35

This ride was recorded with some early video equipment I had.
The video is really nice--and the scenery is awesome.
I wasn't happy with the sound and have since got some better stuff.
The scenery and gps file is worth the price of admission tho.
The story of this ride is on my website.