Day 2
Sunday Oct. 3rd, 2004

We were up at the crack of dawn as all of us couldn't wait to start riding the backroads of Tennessee. I found a neat cafe in Sparta and then we took off on a nice sunny cool morning.

The route ran us right by these beautiful falls.

N35° 48.270' W85°37.811'
"Great Falls"

This view was spectacular--the falls in the distance are huge. There is a lot of water going over them and there had been not much rain around here for some time. I would love to see it after a big rain. You had to hike back to get really close to the falls----but---we are motorcyclists.

N35°32.098' W86°13.597'

"Longs Store"
Nothing else was in sight---no town--no people--no houses. I passed by and made a U-turn (I do this very often) and we relaxed on the porch, had a snack, cup of coffee and a moon pie. We were even graced with old Mr. Long himself----and had a nice chat with him about the poor state of affairs of everything in general--really nice old fellow.

Yep this is one of the same guys laying on the ground yesterday. Are you getting to think he ain't goin' to make it to Oklahoma ?????

Well---it was relaxing on the porch of Longs Store--and we didn't want to leave.

The brand new curvy blacktop in front of the store finally called us away---so off we went hoping for some gravel, dirt and creek crossings.

Not too far down the road we turned off on this nice gravel backroad. It was very dusty on these roads and the guys ate a lot of dust---I mean a lot of dust.

I had bought Sam Correro's maps but didn't even bring them as I converted his rollcharts and maps to a GPS file--following the route was effortless. Most of the other guys had GPS's and the route too--which helped if they missed a turn.

We did a bazillion low water crossings on this ride---so I won't show them all. Here is John Simmons plowing thru the water on his new to him BMW650GS. John usually leads rides in Mexico and beyond---but was happy to just follow and realax and leave all the worries of navigation to me and my GPS. John was running street tires---and was glad it didn't rain.
We stopped to rest again and many Omish went by in their horse driven buggies. We were on both sides of the road and at first the horses were hesitant to go between us--but finally did.
Yeah--that one hurt !!!!

The Tennessee riding was beautiful----but I was expecting mountain riding--just nice rolling hills mostly.

Day 3 Many slick creek crossings---I bite it big time--and Kevin gets it all on the helmet cam !! Can't wait to see that one.

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