Motorcycles have always been my passion.

But my travels have required more than one kind of bike to get me to where I want go. So here is my current stable of machines.

You'll notice all my bikes have 21 inch front wheels and a big gas tank.
I don't like my tires or the size of my gas tank telling me which way to go.

2005 KTM 950 Adventure

I have it equipped with a Garmin 276C GPS--Carbon Fiber lower tankguards, Hepco Becker crashbars, factory Gobi hard luggage (just racks pictured)-----Marsee 1150GS tailbag---KTM tankbag, FMF slip-on exhaust, heated clothing
power outlet--and Hot Grips heated grips. I have Michelin desert knobbies and a high front fender kit off one of KTM's smaller race dirt bikes. I've have to be careful on this bike, as it's performance is way above my riding ability.
I have a big box full of vacuum, catalyctic, absortion, 3-way valve, by-pass, ozone, radio active, nuclear, suction devices that I removed off this bike to make it much simpler and run the way I want it to run.
As of December, 2011 it has about 44,000 trouble free miles on it.


2008 Yamaha WR250R
This is Yamaha's new fuel injected 250cc. dual-sport bike.
However I'll use it as an adventure bike.
Here I am on it at the Salmon Glacier in Hyder, Alaska.



2000 Kawasaki KLR650

As of December, 2011 it has about 54,000 miles on it.
You might somehow talk me out of my 950.
Your probably not interested in owning my KLR---doesn't matter.....
You can't have it.

My KLR is equipped with a Kenda K270 rear tire, a Continental TKC80 front tire, Dual Star center stand,magnetic oil drain plug, locking axle nuts, skidplate, Kawasaki soft saddlebags (I also use Ortlieb dry saddlebags), and tailbag, progressive front fork springs, Wal-Mart ATV tank panniers, Acerbis handguards (w/spoilers), raised license plate mod, "Widder" heated clothing outlet, heated grips (hot grips), custom headlight switch, EBC sintered bronze brake pads, Odyssey dry cell battery, Garmin 276CGPS w/touratech crossbar mount, IMS stainless steel wide footpegs, Locking chain adjuster nuts, super heavy duty inner tubes, sheepskin seat cover, hydraulic rear brake light switch, LED tailight, and a IMS 7 gallon Military tank-- which is opaque so I can see my gas.. My motor and exhaust is stock and will stay that way. My son says it is by far the ugliest motorcycle on the planet---the sheepskin put it over the edge he says !! Well at least he won't be asking to ride it, huh ????? (Couldn't keep him off my Ducati) :)
If I were to plan a trip to Alaska or around the world and money was no object---and all I have to do is pick any kind of bike from any bike manufactuer in the world, I would hands down pick the KLR.

If you are a good offroad rider you can take the KLR thru some pretty hairy stuff----if not, better stick to the easy stuff. It has to be one of the most versatile motorcycles in the world-----it ain't perfect, nothing is. If you are going to follow your buddies on rough single track trails all day----forget it----you'll be in the way and destroy the bike. But anything less it is perfectly capable of. I think my favorite thing is the huge 7 gal. gas tank----riding offroad, it can be very hard or impossible to try to empty the gas tank of a KLR in one days riding. The mods I have made to my bike have made if perfect for me---the only other thing I would like to do to it is put a good aftermarket rear shock on it, but I will wait till the stocker dies.

My motor, carb and exhaust are stock and will stay that way. It runs perfect, gets over 50mpg, is quiet and can be taken to high altitudes after doing just one thing-----nothing.





2006 KTM 450EXC
A work in Progress