Day 5
Nevada Back Country Discovery Route
The Route Back








Me and Jerry had a nice cozy room on the 2nd floor.
This was adjacent to the restaurant.
After breakfast we packed up and headed North--------?????
North you say ???---------Our trucks are South ???
What the heck---Brian probably thought I was crazy-----------but Jerry (Walter) could care less.
He's retired too.




So North out of town we go into Idaho---would the route back I picked be good ?????
Would we get lost---stuck in a river---get arrested for trespassing, freeze ?????
Would the KTM blow up ????? Good chance of that.
Follow my tailight boys !!!!!! I got a 300 mile range.








Going North out of town coincides with the Idaho BDR--------as it starts in Jarbidge.
I know of a rough trail out of here me and Gaspipe took on our 950's-----it was tuff back then--and I'm a lot older.













Holy Crap what a change of scenery ???
Was this going to be good-------or suck ???
We riding our motorsickles---------it can't suck.













Looky-----the aspens are hinting at fall.







Oh hell no------this ride back is not going to suck !!!!!!
What is thru that canyon ????



















I think we'll go to Everywhere else.

This reminds me of a sign I found in Big Bend National park a few years ago.
On one side it said "Nowhere"------on the other it said "The Other Side Of Nowhere".
Well-------we were right smak dab in the middle of nowhere.







We rode on the impassable when wet dirt roads for a good 30 miles it seemed--it was awesome.
And with all the rain that had been all around us I kept an eye to the sky--not that it done any good.
And about 5 miles back from this bridge we passed a sign that said--"Marys River 5 Miles"---oh shit I thought.
Sure glad there was a bridge.






But it looked do-able anyway.-----at least today it would have been.





























Pinch me Walter !!!!





The last picture we took that day------we ended up back in Elko---and unlike the trip up we got a cheap motel.
In the morning we rould head off in another direction and never crossed paths with our route up.


Here's a short video of todays ride






Day 6
Elko, Nevada to Pioche, Nevada and some great riding on the original Pony Express Trail.












We left the Motel 6----a guy was there on an Africa Twin.
Said he didn't like it much-------wanted a 250 lb. dirt bike instead.





Rode quite a bit of hwy to get out of town.
I remember is was quite chilly and Jerry had to be cold.
He's cold natured and said all along on the trip he wished he had packed his electric vest.
I knew he was regretting that decision-----but you no Walter (Jeff Dunham's Walter)---------he never complains !!!
I wore a KLIM Badlands suit the whole trip-------never got to hot------almost.
And with all the vents I was opening and closing them some most days.





In my gps Ruby Lake was miles wide and we were riding on the edge of it.
But no so-----it was just a creek out in the bottoms.















And now the great anticipated Pony Express Trail-------I couldn't wait.







I was estatic we were riding this---and enjoyed Jerry's stories of him and his son Craig riding this
in the dark years ago. If it rained out here you'd be going nowhere and I kept an eye on the sky again
knowing it wouldn't do a bit of good.







You could ride fast if you dared---but somtimes the lose dirt and sand got pretty deep.
Not that bad tho------we were so lucky to get thru here when it was dry.




























We saw many of these.







Several times after riding in the low flats the trail would go up into the mountains and I
tried to think how it would have been for the horse riders.
They had no way of charging their gps or phones.







Like I said---------I was estactic riding this---we followed it for about 40 miles.






























The transcontinental killed the pony express trail------what a piece of history.
And we got to ride on it. I will never forget riding this.



















We blew into Ely Nevada on the loneliest paved road in the US---hwy 50.
Stopped at this sandwich shop and made the owner very happy.
He had just opened up and came out to ask us how our sandwiches were---we bragged on them
and he truly appreciated our opinions and he smiled a great big smile.
His ice cream was awesome too.






We rode straight South out of Ely and I was kind of freaked out about all the moisture that had come thru here.
I just knew we'd hit mud and have to turn back.






















Going over Sidehill pass.
We hit pave route 93 and went South to Pioche, Nevada.
Sounds French to me---we stayed at the Motherlode motel just outside of town.

Here's a short video of todays ride.




Day 7
Our last day Riding---------well kind of.
Pioche, Nevada to Bullhead City, Arizona.








Well to be honest -------the ride back to Bullhead City was pretty boring.
Mostly pavement.























We ride thru Lake Mead National recreation area and I don't have my geezer pass with me and have to pay $15 to ride thru.
I grin a bear it and the guy at the gate says it's awesome. But was totally boring for what we'd been thru.









































It's just plain sad to look at Lake Mead and see how low it is.
It seemed 40ft. down to me.
I'm sorry to tell you folks----------it ain't comin' back-----------ever.
Too many people sucking on it. I know how to fix this-----but nobody is listening to me.



After Lake Mead---we went thru Searchlite, Nevada and went over X-mas tree pass again.
Our balls were still there for all to see.
Not much pictures of this day------but the video is much better.

Oh and this.




We stopped for a break after Brian headed right for downtown Las Vegas to get back to Bullhead City.
Jerry sees this nail in my tire. I just went with the Tubliss system on my 350 and this was a test.
Could I actually just plug this tire and not have to take it apart-----------sounds good !!!!!
Yep it worked !!!!!! It was hot out and this made it easy.


Sooooooooooo.............we spend a nite back at the Days Inn in Bullhead City and head home in our identical Transit vans.
We decide to go the the 3 Step Hideaway for a bit and did some riding there.


I knew my buddy Sam Correro and his son Phillip were going to be there and Phillip laid out a good all day
long hard ride for all of us there and it was great.






A few pictures of the ride.
Phillip lead about 4 riders plus me and Jerry














Of course I got another nail------------errrrr. staple------plugged it and off I rode.








Phillip Correro
I really liked Phillip-----met him a few years ago and he's laying out routes as good as the ole' man.


















This overlook that overlooks the Delores I've never been to. It's down a dead end road.
I was glad to have had Sams son take me here-----where else will he take us ????

















Back at 3 Step



Left: Me
3 step shirt: Jerry (Walter)
3rd from left: Sam Correro
The other guy:--------dang can't remember nothin' no more ????
We were tired and hungry and ate good------steaks all around.





Thas't my van-----Jerry's is identical to it.
Left to right: Sam Correro, Mark Sampson, Jerry Mueller.

Today was a very special day at the 3 Step----maybe the most special day since it opened and I was there.
A plaque was presented to Sam for his dedication to the Trans America Trail and the inspiration it has given all of us.
It was a touching moment and I had a $5 bet it would bring a tear to Sam-----------and it did. To all of us actually.
This was suppose to happen a few months ago in Sams hometown, but things got in the way.






Ron who had the plaque made--also printed up paper copies of it and all of us signed it.
And we all got to keep a copy of it.






That is Phillip on the right ---------Sams son.
The future of the TAT ??? I wonder ????





Best buddies
Left to right: Sam Correro, Dave Reeves, Mark Sampson, Scott Stevenson
Dave a few of us met in Baja a couple years ago--and then the next year rode Baja together.





So Dave had ridden his 1190 KTM down here to attend this event all the way from near Aspen, Colorado.
So he was the first to leave as he was of those things we all hate-----------a job.
Nobody hates a job more than Dave-----believe me.







I haven't known Dave but a couple years but feel me and him our best buddies and we try to out do each other
razzing each other--------it just goes on and on and I can't out do him.
He always finds inconsistencies with my stories-------------or is it lies---------yeh that's it.
So as he passed me on his 1190---me in my van he naturally gives me the one finger salute for going to slow.
I luv you too dave.

So there you have it------Dave says goodby to all of us.



And in closing this story I am reminded what I've been saying for years.

When you say goodby to someone--make it good------you may never see them again.
Mark Sampson