Day Four

Across the Colorado on a Ferry boat, Down the Burr Trail and on to Escalante, Utah.


            We were up at the crack of dawn as usual and had a big breakfast at the steak house outside our motel. We topped off our gas tanks and loaded up with snacks for the day. So far, the only thing our bikes have needed were a daily chain lubing. Our bikes stayed very clean as there was absolutely no mud anywhere. Kenny's bike seemed to always be dirtier tho---don't know why   :)   He said I was kicking up dust and would ask me thru our helmet communicators to turn on my vacuum-----"No problem Kenny"   !!!!!!

        We rode west on a great dirt road passed "Angel Arch", "Canyon Arch" and "Hotel Rock". Actually we never seen these things as it would have been a long hike back to them. I would have loved to hike back to them but we were in motocross gear---with boots that weren't made for hiking. We met up with a couple of dudes on BMW's (Big Dogs) and chatted for awhile. I looked at my watch and told Kenny we have go to get going and ride as fast as we could to catch the ferry over Lake Powell at Halls Crossing on time. It goes East on the even hours and West on the odd hours. If we missed it we would have a 2 hr. wait. We luckily arrived 8 minutes before departure.
      This was a huge ferry and 5 bucks paid the way over Lake Powell-----which was made when they built Glen Canyon Dam down river and flooded the Colorado River. In the 1800's a rich mining guy was operating a huge dredge in the Colorado river. I think the mining operation kind of flopped and the dredge was abandoned. When they flooded the Colorado the dredge was left there and I am told it is 300 ft. below the waters surface. There was even a waypoint on my GPS exactly where it was sitting----pretty neat---our boat almost went right over it. I told some other people about this on the boat and they were tickled to death to learn this bit of history as they knew nothing of the dredge. I found this all out on the internet of course !!!!!!! It was called the "Hoskininni" dredge if you want to do a search on it and read about it.
     After crossing the Colorado river (Lake Powell) we turned off the highway as soon as we could and took off on the "Burr Trail" going West. There is probably some big history to this trail------however all I know is we had a hoot riding on it. It went thru Glen Canyon recreation area and was a beautiful ride. Here you can see the switchbacks going up and down the mountain.
       A picture without our motorcycles in it-----isn't worth taking I say-----however this one slipped in somehow.
     Even if you only catch a mirror !!!!!!!!!
         Ahhhhhhh!!!! There's surely a bike in there somewhere ??????

     All of this great riding on the Burr trail took us farther West until we hit highway 12 in Boulder Town. We took this paved route about 12 miles south to Escalante. I know it was pavement---but this was the neatest paved rode I had ever seen. It was so curvy and rode on an extremely narrow ridge---where you could run off the road to your death at any turn in the road. It was probably good I wasn't on my SV650S sport bike. We had a ball on this road.

       We ended up for the day in Escalante, Utah. The hotel was great and we became friends with the owner who treated us so nice. He was a motorcyclist too and had 3 in the trailer you see here. He offered to let us keep the bikes in the trailer for security but we declined as we didn't see the need for it.

Day 5       on to Cannonville and the search begins for the Paria river bed. One of our most enjoyable and beautiful rides.