Canada to Mexico--On the Continental Divide
Le Tour De Divide

This map and elevation detail really show the route real well--if you look closely you will see the highest pass you ride on this route is just North of the New Mexico border---it is Indiana Pass, which is barely under 12,000ft. in elevation.
It is a 2,700 mile journey of mostly unpaved rough Forest roads. The change in climate and terrain is astonishing as you move from the hot desert to snow crossing the continental divide 27 times. You are almost always at high elevations--and it is touted as......
"The most scenic ride possible here in the USA"

I have called this ride "Le Tour De Divide" in honor of a very great man --"Lance Armstrong" who will be trying to win the Tour De France bicycle race for a record 7th time while we are riding the "Tour De Divide" which was originally laid out by bicycle riders. I wanted so much to watch him try to accomplish this goal and I wish him all the luck in the world. Go Lance---the greatest athlete to ever walk this earth.

Here are the riders
Monty Moore---2005 BMW 650GS-----Mt. Vernon, Illinois
Monty is the most excited rider going---he is estatic and driving his wife and co-workers nuts (he's the boss and can get away with this). They all can't wait till I take him away !!!

Kevin Sweet---2004 KLR650---Waterloo, Illinois

Kevin can dis-assemble and assemble a KLR top end on the trail with nothing more than a rock and a swiss army knife !!!

Mark Sampson---2000 Africa Single--Mt.Vernon, Illinois

Obviously---beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.
Mark holds the world record for pinching a motorcycle tube !!!

Stage One "The time trial"--------who will earn the coveted "Red and Black" Moose racing Jersey ?? And the honorable brown "I Ate The Most Dust" Jersey ?? And of course the feared "Most Flat Tires" jersey.