Day 8 April 20th, 2003

We were up at 5:30AM for the 6AM breakfast at the Halupai Lodge. We didn't want to waist any daylight sleeping. Peach Springs is right on route 66 so we headed west on this nice black top road.

I had to check this sign out on the side of route 66. I'm sure it is an old original sign from a day gone by.

L.A. Left

Chicago Right

We were traveling slowly on this cool crisp morning enjoying the sights when I could stand the pavement no longer. I spied an dirt ranch road that went right up between the mountains going North and abruptly turn off on it.

Now were talking----dirt--gravel--bumps-ruts--cattle guards--potholes--dust and lots of it !! But whats this ???? Sheep.

We were once again out in the open range but didn't expect this sheep herd----and I am totally unfamiliar with the character of a large herd of sheep. I didn't know if this guy was the dominant male and was going to show all the gals in the herd just how tough he was or what ??? I had my thumb on my starter button--but he later just walked back. I really think they thought we were the food wagon, but finally figured out were just a lost couple of sickle riders-----which he was right. A short distance down the road we hit a no trespassing sign and had to turn back---while a fellow out in the field was waving us over--I waved great big and kept on going--getting the heck out of there.

Maybe we were trespassing----but me and Kenny never saw any signs before the one we turned back at.

After finding the correct way and riding for miles North we turned West and crossed hwy. 93 a little Southwest of Dolan Springs and went west on Cottonwood road which led us to this trail, the "Portland Mine" trail. Where are the riders ?????? Seems things were heating up and we bailed out of our extra clothes we had on.


This trail was very remote and we never seen a living soul on it. It ran very close to the Colorado river which you can see in the background. We really aren't that far down stream of the famous Hoover Dam here.

We tried several times to find a side trail down to the Colorado but to no avail.

This trail finally put us at Davis Dam right on the Colorado river-----Davis Dam is also a hydro electric plant. Crossing this Dam here would put us in guess what------Nevada. Laughlin was a little West of here--but I thought it might be a city so we cut South to avoid it.
Now I have been to Nevada the silver state--or so the sign says. We headed South toward Needles, Califonia.
I have warned Kenny about reducing the reliability of his motorcycle with all the engine mods he has done. The drive train just couldn't take it and something had to go. Lucky no one was killed when all the steel chords went flying everywhere.

Needles, California------Old historic route 66 went right through this town.

I always think of the old movie The Grapes Of Wrath when I think of route 66 and Needles. A very sad movie.

We killed 2 states in 20 minutes just to have been there and done that----now on to more serious riding back in Arizona.

This trail is called the "Oatman Warm Springs" trail. It was a pretty rough trail and the sun was setting. Oatman Springs are an isolated series of warm-spring seeps in a dry desert setting.

From this point you would have to hike about a mile back to the springs as motorized traffic wasn't allowed beyond this point. Me and Kenny wanted to do the hike but we had a couple of things against us. One--- it was an hour before sunset and by the time we got back we would be riding back a different way than we came in in the dark---still not knowing where we were going to stay for the night as a town was nowhere near here. Also the trail was extremely faint from this point and we could have gotten lost. We couldn't take our GPS's because we didn't have any batteries to run them if we took them off of our bikes. We were so hoping to soak in the warm springs. We have to come back again !!!
Yes the sun is setting quickly now and we better move on. The trail was pretty rough coming in and it might be worse going out--we don't want to do it in the dark.

On the way out we spotted this plant which seemed to glow in the dark. Amazing----we had seen a very few already but they were off in the distance. Up close this thing was almost scary looking.

It is called a "dodder" and is a flowering plant and parasite.

The trail gets a little smoother---we run into a railroad and can't get across legally. The railroad is posted "private crossing-no trespassing".

No----smo---we went across and seemed lucky to find our way thru a deep sandy road to civilization. Miles later we find a combo gas station and Wendy's and had a burger and frosty-----The gas pumps weren't working---this was the only place in the middle of nowhere and we were low on fuel and finally made it to the good size town of Lake Havasu City. A much too big town for me---but it was way after dark and we were desperate.

Stayed at a flea bag motel----where a too friendly gentlman told me "You sure look mighty handsome in those pants" !!! We should have slept out in the desert on a bed of cactus needles and 3 cornered rocks !!!

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