Your are about to join 3 good friends on large dualsport motorcycles for an 11 day adventure in the moutain and desert regions of Arizona--with a brief excursion into Nevada and California. The riding was done without support vehicles----large gas tanks, gps's, maps, food, water and good bike and body preparation were required for the rough remote terrain they would encounter. Most days were spent without seeing another living soul----rattlesnakes and other native animals were common though. Come join us while you read and see the beautiful scenery and find out what predicaments we get ourselves into-----some are-------.

  • Balancing a bike that is not running with a rattlesnake under it !!!!
  • Dodging undetonated army bombs in the remote desert---I'm not kidding !!
  • Suffering thru extreme intestinal expulsions after eating real Mexican food---then running out of toilet paper (which you stole from the Motel--3 rolls) in the middle of a cactus infested desert.
  • Snow, ice and freezing temperatures.
  • Hot temperatures----not really, just seemed that way after nearly freezing !!
  • Having to back your bike out of a copper mine you rode into.
  • Almost running out of gas in the middle of nowhere---I was trying not to have to carry all 6.1 gallons of fuel all day---never will pass a chance for gas in the desert again.
  • Suffer the humiliation of having a really nice fellow (Bill) on a 1963 Honda CT70 lead you to a trail you couldn't find with 4 GPS's among us !!
  • Road to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on our bikes-----you say you can't do that-----we did---found out how.
  • Read about an ole' fart riding a KLR650 to where it was never intended to go.
  • An older' fart on a DR650. The young guy on the little XR400 don't count !!!
  • Witness surgery in the desert after being severely impailed with some painful cactus needles.
  • When the bull dropped his head---snorted---hoofed the ground, I was ready to abandon ship.
  • We stayed in a truly haunted old Motel. The whole town was haunted !!!!
  • You can't ride them "Big Pigs" up Box Canyon-------we did !!!!
  • Dodging quicksand in the Hassayampi river !!!!!!
  • Click on the 11 days of fun below:

Day 1 Vulture Mtn. Trail, Hassaymapi Box Canyon, Stanton Ghost Town Trail

Day 2 Bloody Basin, Sheep Bridge, Camp Creek Rd., thru 7 Springs.

Day 3 Box Canyon, Coke Ovens, Battleaxe Trail, Montana Mtn. Trail

Day 4 Honda CT70 leads the way--rattlesnake, Whiskey Trail

Day 5 Control Forest Rd., Mongollon Rim (snowed in), High cold riding, Snebly Hill, Boynt Pass, Haunted Ghost Town,

Day 6 Gold King Mine, United Verde historic railroad bed, Perkinsville Rd., Pine Flat Trail, Hell Canyon------snow.

Day 7 Old Historic route 66, Halupi Indian reservation, bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Day 8 Open cattle country, Colorado River, Nevada, California, Oatman Warm Springs.

Day 9 Fall Springs Wash Trail, Bill Williams River, Gray Eagle Mine, Desert Bar, 4 Peaks Trail.

Day 10 Swansea--ghost town, Bill Williams river--again (still couldn't get across because of high water).

Day 11 Desert Queen Mine, Glory Hole Mine,