Viburnam Back To Lesterville
On different Trails Than Yesterday

Sunday 3-25-07

We had a really nice breakfast at the in house restaurante---I mean restuarant
(I keep thinking I'm in Mexico)
We were all suited up and fired up our bikes.

Buzzez hit the starter button on his XT and
Nothing, Nada, Not a thing ??????

Rut--Row !!!! ????
GasPipe had the battery cable fixed in 5 minutes flat.
With a big smile we were on our way.




We rode for a bit in some sand flats where the sand was very wet---but solid.



OK --My favorite Picture--well maybe.

Staring at this picturejust makes me want to quit
typing and fire up my KTM and go riding.

This is where the 520 really shined.
I could let her rip all I wanted thru miles of trails
like this all the while knowing I could loft the front
wheel at will over downed trees and huge
long mudholes no matter what gear I was in.

This is the finest dirtbike I
have ever owned. It's so light--so powerful--you just
really have to keep the revs down going slow
as the bike can hit very hard and slap you to the ground
in a heart beat. I like riding it with my hand on the
clutch in nasty slow going terrain so I could feather
it's power to the rear wheel.

I'm not going to pig this bike out like some of my other
bikes for hauling traveling gear. I want
to keep it like it is and if I need to haul more gear
than the KTM is happy with--I'll just ride something else.

We made a pact before we left the house.

"If it doesn't fit in our backpacks
It ain't coming"

The only casual clothes we brought were
a pair of socks and very light synthetic pair of
shorts----that's it.



We road a lot of single track this day--more than I've ridden in a long time.
So much of it was spent in 1st and 2nd gear--with an occasional 3rd
and my bike is geared down already.
Buzzez is having a ball !!!





It was hear that I thought Buzzez riding
was over. His clutch got so hot it wouldn't pull
the bike. The bikes and us needed a cool
down as we had been plugging along the
single track for miles. It was spectacular riding.

After a long cool down the clutch came back---
later on it went out again--but came back. He took
it easy on it the rest of the day and it was fine.



Part of the trail we had to ride right down the creek for quite a ways.
For a minute I wondered where the trail went---we were right in it !!



GasPipe and the Husqvarna were
now pretty well aquainted.

I think GasPipe at first cussed me for me talking him
into bringing the Husky instead of his XR650R,
as he had ask me what bike would be
right for this ride.

I think he finally realized that the light Husky was
just right for this ride.



This hill was straight up with not much of a run.

I just clicked it into 2nd and hammered it at the bottom
and let off the throttle as soon as it started moving
and let my momentum carry me over the top.

WhaaaPPPppppp--and it was over.



For Buzzez it was different technic.

As his bike was geared so low he just
tractored up it with no problem
now that his clutch was working again.



The trail eased up quite a bit and we
came out to a beautiful lake and dam.

The weather was great--tho very warm
for this time of year.

The 3 of us made a very good team
and we kept an eye our for each other.



The next few pictures are Cooks Spring


We had ridden all different trails back to Sutton's Bluff

Once there we took off again on totally different trails than
we had rode on yesterday and headed
towards Lesterville---it was more single track
and ATV trails--lots of switchbacks. The switchbacks were sharp
and many---Buzzez is above me here just before a switch back.



The first picture is the same hill that was the first hill on our ride yesterday.
A little easier going down--the leaves and rocks were so loose and
it was so steep---I went down with a dead engine.


This picture is the best picture showing the nastiness
of this hill.

However it is 5 times taller than what you see and just keeps
getting steeper. Imagine climbing it in a wet fog not being
able to see with wet hidden logs and
rocks under the leaves.



The ride is about over
Once again we cross the beautiful Black River just Southwest of Lesterville.




Man were we hungry---but my regular cafe had closed at 2PM.
Just down the road in Lesterville we struck gold.
Not only did they have ice cream--they had food--good ole' American hamburgers.
God it was good--- with big thick strawberry shake and homemade french fries.

We gobbled down our food and between swallows shared the good times of the ride.
Me and Gaspipe sure enjoyed Buzzes company--he never gave up--and when I thought his
clutch had went South--he just wasn't ready to quit.

So other than a flat tire, a loose battery cable and a hot clutch---no bike problems.

Thanks so much GasPipe and Buzzez